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HROUG 2016 / mag. Sergej Rožman


A wise man once said: If it doesn't fit, get a bigger hammer.

InfiniBand network technology can play a role of a bigger hammer in the IT world, especially in a databases area. ABAKUS plus has been dealing with InfiniBand since 2011, most commonly used within financial institutions. Incredible accelerations can be achieved by using InfiniBand combined with some other technologies.

InfiniBand is an extremely fast network technology featuring very high throughput and very low latency. Throughput of today's most common Infiniband networks is 40 Gbps. However, 100 Gbps is already available and the newest technology reaches even up to incredible 300 Gbps. In the same time competitive technologies offer: Ethernet 10/40/100 Gbps and commonly used Fibre Channel 8/16 Gbps.

During the presentation we will show what this less known technology is all about, from a physical and topological point of view. We will share our experience through some use cases:

  • RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access)
  • Network use (IP over IB, SDP)
  • Cluster Interconnect (Oracle RAC)
  • SAN and NAS (iSER, SRP, NFS)

We will conclude with a few words about vendors and prices that are more affordable than you would expect.


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