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HrOUG 2015 / mag. Sergej Rožman

Backup na nula prostora u nula vremena (hr)

Data backup is one of DBA's most important tasks. An ideal backup should have the following characteristics: - Backing up data takes no time, uses no system resources and consumes no storage space. - Data recovery takes no time and no system resources as well. - Backups are error-free and always consistent. - Backups are always accessible and always in view. How to meet all of these requirements? Most traditional backup solutions don't meet any of the above conditions. Using appropriate procedures some systems can provide error-free and consistent backups. Abakus Plus developed a dedicated backup system that meets all of the above conditions regardless of the DB size being backed up: - Backup takes no time, because data is backed up in real-time. - Data recovery and access to backed up data is almost instant. - Backed up data takes up a minimal amount of disk space. More that 100 TB of backup copies can be stored using only 10 TB of disk space. - Data is always available and always in view.


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