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HrOUG 2015 / Boris Oblak

Backup Server Okruženje za testiranje i razvoj na "pravim" podacima

As developers, we are often faced with a question on how to test our procedures on the "real" data. That is why we often claim that the best database for testing is the production database itself. We are regularly faced with issues such as: - A report that normally runs for 3 minutes ran for a whole hour last night. What can we do to avoid those kind of situations in the future? - A regular Friday job failed for the first time last week. What was the cause? Can we reproduce the job on the same data and rerun the job to see where it fails? We will show you how to solve all these issues and even set up a real-data testing environment within 5 minutes for any moment in time, as far as several months in the past.


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