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DMS - document management system

Software solution for document management.

This software package allows you to use different databases as it uses data abstraction level (JPA).

At the highest level, documents are organized according to their classifications. One could imagine classifications as shelves in office cabinet - one shelf is intended for legal office, the other for credits committee, ...

Within classifications (shelves) documents are arranged by partners. Partners may be your customers or anyone who you do business with. Each document must belong to partner.

Each partner has an unlimited number of folders. A folder can be imagined as files folder. In this files folder, documents are classified into sections - the structure (structure depends on classification selected).

DMS also makes it possible to prepare "a group of documents", which can belong to different partners. An example of such a group is a group of documents for credits committee (application to get a credit can cover multiple partners' documents and the committee requires all od them gathered in one place).


  • acquisition and allocation of paper documents
  • integration with back-end systems
  • managing who can access documents
  • putting documents in groups
  • connecting documents