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We assemble reliable servers based on customer requirements.


Our customers have different requirements, so most of the servers are custom made. We take into account various important factors, which are carefully examined. The most important factors are:

  • purpose and desired functionality of the server
  • number of users
  • the expected growth of users
  • dynamic of server role changes
  • the expected life cycle
  • desired system availability

Use of advanced technologies

Here at Abakus, we always strive to use new technologies. With a thorough understanding of the components, protocols and standards you can always expect an optimum selection of technologies that will satisfy your digital needs.

When building servers, we try to use technology that meet open standards. This means that your server will not be "trapped" in hardware manufacturer trap, where there could be problems with compatibility with hardware of other manufacturers.

Reliable customer service

We are aware that the efficiency and reliability of customer service is as important as the reliability of the whole server. We always keep spare parts in stock and we are always available to you.