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FIS - Flight information system

Software solution for airports - tracking of airplanes, passengers and cargo.

Flight Information System (FIS) is a solution designed to meet the increasing demands of a modern airport! Continuous integration of improvements is our future outlook.

FIS Benefits:

  • Consistent and accurate operational system
  • Effective control of the operational process
  • Better planning, productivity and performance measurement
  • Improved (passenger/cargo/aircraft) handling
  • Flexible reporting
  • More accurate information, better quality information

FIS Characteristics:

  • Open as well as flexible system
  • Common, easy to learn, and flexible software components
  • Resilient solutions - modular and scalable structure
  • Extensibility - support for very large databases
  • Optimized and Secure performance
  • Multi-level user security (Users management / Management of access rights)
  • Reliability - architectural redundancy
  • Featuring full redundancy, the system configuration guarantees operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week