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Audit trail collection tool.

Arbiter is the ultimate solution for audit trail collection and management.

Audit trail is a sum of all information needed to present a histroical view of events that are related to the saved data and all the systems that collect, process and archive the data.

Audit trails must provide a way to present the time line of events that are related to any single business process and its data.

Information that audit trails provide must be sufficient to prove the credibility of the saved data. The creation and safekeeping of audit trails is of crucial importance to ensure its credibility and trustfulness.

Arbiter's main characteristics include:

  • consolidation of audit trails coming from different applications and different databases
  • collecting audit trails at the database level requires no changes to the applications
  • keeping track of all actions that happened at any event (logins, DDL, DML, DCL and TCL)
  • collection and manageability of audit trail data separated from production data
  • pro-active system of detection and alarming of unauthorized insights and data manipulation
  • ability to answer the most relevant questions about an incident (Who? What? When?)
  • using simple yet powerful web gui


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