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System administration

In the last few years, we are rapidly entering the era where information services must be available anywhere and anytime. Get ahead of your competition and focus on your own business as much as possible. Whether you own or want to own an infrastructure, hosted services or something in between, Abakus Plus is the right address for you.

In the field of system administration, Abakus Plus is specialized in consulting, design, integration, implementation and maintenance of system services. With many years of experience and with knowledge of basic components and principles of high availability we guarantee you the most reliable IT solutions for your business processes. We make technical reviews and evaluations of existing information infrastructures and make recommendations for further development, depending on expected growth and customers' needs. Abakus Plus has many years of experience and many references in various market segments such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, public services, ...

Regular checks of system resources and services, that must be monitored in information system, take a lot of time. Abakus Plus takes care of over 300 servers and thousands of services today. In order to offer proactive monitoring of performance and so further increase the reliablity and availability of services, most of the checks are automated. This means that we solve many "problems" before they even occur and lead to a critical failures.

We provide system administration of operating systems based on Linux kernel. We are gathering experiences and knowledge in this field since 1991. At the system level we prefer open standards, services and software as it provides a high level of integration in the business environment. Open standards and the possibility to access software's source code allows us to adapt services to needs of any organization's information system. This is the foundation on which we, at Abakus Plus, build our own hardware and software solutions.

What we offer

  • upgrades, migrations and updates for existing operating systems
  • different levels and technologies of virtualization
  • setup of high availability systems
  • security and authentication
  • providing business continuity.
  • web infrastructure
  • automation of processing the incoming data
  • automation of control how hardware and software works
  • automation of hardware and software inventory
  • manufacturing of hardware based on customer requirements
  • advising on the transition to cloud services
  • establishment, administration, diagnostics and elimination of errors in network infrastructure
  • own cloud services

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