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DBA services

We offer proactive maintenance of Oracle databases.

With many years of experience in building disaster proof systems (Data Guard, RAC, Backup servers, etc.), we can give you many advices on how to build or improve your infrastructure. Our DBAs have "Oracle Certified Professional" certificates.

Our monitoring tools work 24x7 to let us know of possible problems, so we can solve them even before they really become a problem.

We offer 24x7x365 support with response time of 4 hours (this is the maximum time from reporting a problem to start solving it).

Routine maintenance

  • management of space required for Oracle databases
  • performance monitoring
  • optimization of Oracle databases
  • monitoring of Oracle databases backups
  • test and production restores of Oracle databases
  • installing Oracle databases, configuration suggestions
  • creating Oracle databases
  • implementation of procedures for backups and restores of Oracle databases
  • implementation of procedures for synchronization of stand by database
  • control and management of standby databases - DataGuard
  • checking and managing log files
  • checking and managing trace files
  • checking alert logs
  • solving problems
  • advising on upgrades and installation of patch sets
  • search for workaround solutions in case of issues related to oracle bugs which have no bugfix available yet from Oracle.
  • performing test restore & recovery (fire drills)
  • performing switchover to standby database

Actions on demand:

  • optimizing SQL queries
  • upgrades to the latest version of Oracle database
  • help with application development
  • checking for SQL and PL/SQL code problems on the latest version of Oracle database and providing solutions if needed
  • analysis of applications in Oracle databases and improvements suggestions
  • courses on how to use Oracle infrastructure
  • good practice in programming with Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports
  • data overview with Oracle Discoverer