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SAN storage systems

Custom made hardware with open-source SAN tools (Linux, iSCSI).

SAN storage systems by Abakus are based on iSCSI standard, which make it possible to build a more cost affordable solution. They can work with conventional TCP/IP or InfiniBand networks. Open standards also make sure that they work in heterogeneous environments and on heterogeneous equipment.

It is possible to integrate up to 500 drives of various manufacturers and technologies (SCSI, SATA, SAS). Now it is possible to use high-performance SSDs too.

Abakus SAN storage systems allow all RAID levels (0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 50, 60). They have built-in redundant power supplies and fans as well as mirrored drives. Network mirroring between multiple drive systems (asynchronous, synchronous and even two-way synchronous) is also supported.

They also support snapshots, so that it is possible to make a backup without fear that the contents will change. Snapshot content can also be changed independently of the original content - this is useful for creating test environments.

The most powerful versions use 56 GB FDR Infiniband network infrastructure, which provides them with greater throughput than currently fastest 8 Gb fibre channel commercial solutions.


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