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Active backup server

Software and hardware backup to disk (using deduplication) solution.

Backup server is a specialized backup-to-disk solution for backing up your organization's important data. Backup server functions best in connection with Oracle databases. Virtual machines can be backed up as well. Supported operating systems are Linux and MS Windows.

Backup: takes no time, because data is backed up in real-time

  • Allways current: Backed up data is always current
  • Less disk space: Backing up only new and modified data takes up less disk space. This mechanism is called deduplication
  • No interference: Backup does not interfere with normal everyday database operation. This makes backup procedure seamless to end-users
  • No limits: The number of databases that can be backed up by one Backup server is not limited

Recovery: data recovery and access to backed up data is almost instant

  • Simply connected: Instead of restoring data, production environment can simply be connected to the Backup server. Operations can continue to run without interruption
  • In a few seconds: Recovery time is independent from the size of backed up data set. Any backup can be used in only a few seconds
  • Full daily backups: Backup server has enough storage capacity to store full daily backups for a period of several months
  • Instant activation: Any backup can be activated instantly and any object accessed quickly, regardless of the age of the backup

Disk space: backed up data takes up the minimum amount of disk space

A mechanism called data deduplication is used by Backup server for storing data. The contents of daily backups of a certain data set are almost identical. Using deduplication, each specific data block is stored only once. This does not affect end-users and system administrators. From their point of view, each daily backup is a full backup.

Availability: data is always available and always in view

  • Autonomous and independent: Backup server is an autonomous and independent system that takes care of the stored data on its own
  • Automated installation: After installation backup process runs automatically
  • Automated space management: After months of usage, when disk space runs out, Backup server automatically deletes the oldest backups and continues to run
  • Instant access: Backups are instantly accessible round the clock
  • Mirrored storage: data is stored on mirrored disks

Security: backed up data cannot be deleted without support personnel intervention

  • Authorized access: Data is only accessible to authorized users, accessing over authorized networks
  • User permission management: System administrators are not allowed to change or delete stored data
  • Automatic notifications: Backup server can automatically notify support personnel of its status and potential faults

Alternative uses: it does not just back up

  • BI analysis
  • Reporting
  • Oracle database upgrade verification
  • Development and testing
  • Seamless business operation continuation if production database fails


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